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Homogenizing & Transforming World by Team Lab

Distilling Senses

Architecture is by definition the art of designing and constructing buildings. But this art encompasses various other forms of art as one can see in Classical Styles where painting and sculpture form part of the language of the...
by Victor Serrano

Imagine by Julia Carter

Julia Carter: Art for Life at ACAS

Julia Carter is an Australian award-winning artist who has exhibited across the globe in countless international art shows. Her work consists of a diverse range of techniques. Her work mainly focuses on natural elements from br...
by Crystal Lui

Title: "Rough Night Out – Mario"
Year: 2006
Media: Limited Edition Giclée on Canvas

Asia Contemporary Art Show by Joy Lee

While the world develops, contemporary art evolves. The artists of mixed media have never ceased to stupefy us. This year, at the Asia Contemporary Art Show, countless artists from all over the world displayed their mixed med...
by Joy Lee



Asia Contemporary Art Show

If you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional art fair, head along to the Asia Contemporary Art Show at the JW Marriott Hotel, Hong Kong. Following the same format as the Asia Hotel Art Fair held previously in the y...
by Claire Johnson


Hong Kong Art Prize

Hong Kong Art Prize announced the winners and people’s prize on May 16th 2013.  The Hong Kong Art prize has been developed to cultivate and recognize the depth of talent in Hong Kong. It is presented by Asia Contemporary Art...
by Joyce Yung