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July 2, 2013

Introducing Carmen Chan Style Lab


A Midsummer Night’s Dream (ish)

Written by CARMEN CHAN | Photographs by JOYCE YUNG

My very first post starts in an urban summer. Smoking hot and wildly misty. For that, I meant the weather in Hong Kong – the city I love and hate; the city I was born and raised in; the city full with interesting encounters and people that make me unable to get away with. Despite being here for over twenty years, the city is like a mercurial woman and I am still learning and discovering its bitterness and sweetness.


My name is Carmen Chan. I am the jewelry designer of my own brand, Carmen Chan Jewelry. I like reading and writing obviously, though sometimes I am ignorant in some aspects. (“You don’t even know who Oscar Wilde is? And you love reading?” That’s what my friend said when we went to the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris to visit the grave of famous people. Now I am having a copy of the Picture of Dorian Gray. And I am reading it.) I never have good nails as I either break my nails when I polish the silver or I bite my nails when I am bored, nervous or thinking. I watch too many chick-flicks (You can test me, like anytime.) I didn’t really study design. Instead I had academic study in economics for eight years and a degree of that as well. One of the highlighting moments in my life is on April 9th , 2009 where John Nash came to Hong Kong and he was sitting two feet in front of me. That was just… priceless. To conclude, I love beautiful details varied from stunning moonstones and great lines in books and movies to… Nash equilibrium and law of diminishing marginal utility.

Apart from the bizarre side of me, I am basically like any one of you. Living a life with overloading work, crazy friends, endless meetings, and maybe plus some cocktails. Looking for love with what-the-hell dates, unanswered phone calls and very wrong guys. And finally, owning a closet with beautiful happiness. I love fashion. But I love fashion in a more complex way that it’s not just about which pretty design I like or which trend it is coming to be. I like it the way it makes a statement and represents a little state of mind, most conspicuously. It does not have to be practical, and definitely not necessary to be pretty. To me, fashion is all about you, about who you are and then how you speak it up.

The other day, I am having a strong-female-Tarzan-crossover-with-romantic-midsummer-night’s dream mood (which is a typical mood of an average woman obviously). So, I wrapped myself with the floaty Esther Bonté silk scarf and wore my own boho statement necklace. Finishing the look, I carried the chic blue Tammy and Benjamin leather bag and wore the very comfy coral Bigote Paris sandals. Last but not least, I was full loaded with my Messenger rings (Feel Love ring & J’aime.Moi. ring from Carmen Chan Jewelry) and had my very first Fashionary sketchbook which makes me a very happy bird. They are currently having the limited edition of cross-over design with SWASH LONDON. Fashionary is more than just a sketchbook – when I met Penter Y., the founder of Fashionary recently, I fell in love with its story behind and the personality it is representing (which I will tell you more in the upcoming post). I felt empowered and summery and maybe a little wowzer with this vibrant printed scarf dress which basically speaks I-amgoing-beach-even-in-Wednesday-working-hours to my fellow hardworking bees. I hope you enjoyed my first post and the beautiful photos were taken by the talented photographer, Joyce Yung from . I post my column here and  every Wednesday. If you like to check details on items I am wearing, you can find the outfit list below. And if you like what you see, make sure you give a LIKE at my page at

Many love – CARMENX


What I am wearing:

  1. Esther Bonté, multi-color silk printed scarf here
  2. Carmen Chan Jewelry, Let’s Dance Boho Red Statement Necklace here
  3. Tammy and Benjamin, Grand Charlie Shoulder Bag – Blue here
  4. Bigote Paris, La Bigote 1969 Sandals – Fiery Red here
  5. Fashionary, Fashionary X Swash Cheveux De Marie Sketchbook here
  6. Carmen Chan Jewelry, Feel Love Sterling Silver Ring here
  7. Carmen Chan Jewelry, J’aime.Moi. 18K Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver Ring here

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Upcoming in CARMEN CHAN STYLE LAB: Meeting with Fashionary: The Lucky Guy

About the Author

Carmen Chan
Born and raised in Hong Kong, Carmen Chan is a designer, writer, dreamer, and lover of beautiful things. Carmen always believes that a modern woman needs to "be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.". She is currently the founder and jewelry designer of her own brand, Carmen Chan Jewelry, as well as branding & PR consultant based in Hong Kong.


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