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May 18, 2013

HK Ink: Jade R

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Written by: Alba Ma

How many tattoos do you have?

I have always loved tattoo art, however I never had the courage [to get one]until two years ago. Then I guess it spiraled out of control since I’m at six and counting. I am very fortunate to work for a business that is very open and allows their team to be self expressive.

jade-2 copyWhat ís the meaning behind your tattoos?
My lipstick reminds me of my mum because she never leaves the house without it; my flamingo was because I like the idea of what they eat affecting their colour; my mermaid was inspired by the fact that I’m a water sign in both Chinese and western horoscopes and because I love the idea of the siren song.


Was it painful?
As painful as it is, it’s soon forgotten. I am known for stepping out of the parlour and starting to talk about my next one before the bandage has come off

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Photography by Joyce Yung

About the Author

Alba Ma
Art has always played an important role in Alba’s life (ever since grade school when she discovered that art making could get her out of team sports). Upon completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Art History, Alba was a luxury travel PR manager before breaking out as an editor and writer for various lifestyle publications. She’s currently the deputy editor of a leading interior design magazine and freelancer based in Hong Kong.


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