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Hong Kong is increasingly becoming a hot spot for design and arts worldwide. It normally relies on events such as fairs to expose the work created locally to the community. However, a new enterprise promises to create a permane...
by Victor Serrano

Nock Art Residence opening-6

Painters’ Journey: Artist in Residence

Painters’ Journey: Artist in Residence by Nock Art Foundation The Nock Art Foundation celebrates its first artist in residency program with a grand opening at the Pao Galleries in the Hong Kong Arts Centre featuring works by ...
by Joyce Yung

Leblanc landscape5

Marie-Danielle LeBlanc: Alluring Landscapes

LeBlanc’s work is expressive. Her paintings focus on the aesthetics of the natural world, and her introspective processes develop into poetic and impassioned landscapes. I was enraptured by the delicate strokes and the wa...
by Joy Lee