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Feeling Parisian

CARMEN CHAN STYLE LAB: NEW POST EVERY WEDNESDAY Written by CARMEN CHAN | Photographs by JOYCE YUNG “When they die, Wilde wrote, all good Americans go to Paris. Some of us have always tried to get there early and beat the crow...
by Carmen Chan


FLAME AND THE SEA: Group exhibition at Galerie Perrotin

It was great to have met 3 great chinese artists at this group exhibition.  They have very distinct style and art work that compliments each other very well. You first see Huang Yuxing’s bright florescent paintings in the ma...
by Joyce Yung


Hong Kong Modernism

It was the year 1932 when an International Exhibition of Modern Architecture took place in New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Displaying an array of works from various Architects, selected by Phillip Johnson in collaboration wi...
by Victor Serrano



Carmen Chan Style Lab: Make Up Fever

CARMEN CHAN STYLE LAB: NEW POST EVERY WEDNESDAY Written by CARMEN CHAN I am not exactly a make-up guru but which girl doesn’t like to experiment with different make-up products? I love trying different looks and it’s so eas...
by Carmen Chan

Hong Kong Sinfonietta: McDull

‘Without music, life would be a mistake’

We are in an era where art forms are breaking out of their traditional boundaries; where museums, cultural centres and concerts halls are popping up all over the place, desperately calling for greater audience numbers; and wher...
by Anca Chung